14 December 2007

Chocolat Chaud

For my friend K*'s birthday on Tuesday we had a night on the town. We went to see Spamalot at the National Theater (my first time seeing a Broadway show off Broadway- luckily I was not in the least disappointed, but that's another topic). I felt very cultured and all (despite having just seen some very rude gestures by a French Knight) especially as we ended up at Brasserie Les Halles for a late supper.

I wasn't very hungry so I had a really lovely potato and olive salad with mixed baby greens and then turned my attention to dessert. I wanted something, and that something was chocolate. Although intrigued by a molten chocolate cake I decided instead to have my first hot chocolate of the season and I was not disappointed.

The chocolate chaud was served in a little metal pitcher which you could then pour into your cup. It was thick and rich with a real, slightly bitter chocolate texture- no Swiss Miss there. It was so thick it easily coated the back of the teaspoon and had a consistency almost like that of homemade pudding, right when you take it off the stove before it has cooled down (what do you mean you have never tried hot pudding? you have really been missing out). The cup was passed around the table and all agreed that I had made the best choice (quite a nice feeling). The hot chocolate was so good, I had all but forgotten the brownie that it came with. Would that I had, for after the chocolat chaud, the brownie was a weak tasting, dry disappointment.

Brasserie Les Halles, 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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