24 July 2008


I will freely admit that I am a pizza snob. I grew up in New Jersey where every local pizza place serves up a thin crust New York style pie, with just the right amount of sauce and cheese. When I moved to DC and was introduced to Papa John's and Domino's I was really appalled. How could they call that thing with a mushy, bready crust, a strange sweetish sauce and an overwhelming layer of plastic like cheese on top pizza? For a while a friend and I fantasized about opening our own pizza place but after a few years here we discovered a few places that serve real New York pies.

Whenever I try a new pizza place I get a bit nervous; pizza is so simple but so many things can go wrong. Will the dough be rolled thin enough? Will the oven be hot enough to give it a slightly singed crust? Will the ratio of sauce to cheese be just right? I've been to Vapiano a German based chain restaurant that does quick service modern Italian food. (I can just see your face cringing with skepticism now - it's actually pretty good). Overall their pizza gets high marks. It's European style, meaning 1 pizza per person, though Zach and I will sometimes split a pizza and a salad, and rolled thinly and topped lightly. They don't have a brick oven so the crust isn't quite as crisp as some other places in DC but given that it's only a 10 minute walk from the apartment, it's my bet for nights when I just don't want to cook and I need a pizza fix.

Locations in the DC Metro Area


Dee said...

I agree. Seems like the pizza boys where I live are on a 'who can gross Dee out more' campaign. Stuffed crust with plastic cheese, anyone? And corn kernels - yuck! It's sooo sad.

But Jamie Oliver has come to the rescue, yay!

Jen said...

Hi Dee-- that plasticky cheese is the worst and I really have never understood why anyone would put corn kernels on pizza.

una donna dolce said...

I am such a pizza snob too - I'll only get thin crust brick-oven pizza out, and usually I'd rather make my own then get it somewhere!

Saira said...

I've been meaning to go here too...after the diet (sigh!)