22 November 2009

Now Watching

The French Chef with Julia Child. I searched for it on a whim at the library and was pleasantly surprised that it was available as Mastering the Art of French Cooking has a huge waiting list. I guess all those fans of Julie and Julia have the DVD set on their Netflix queues. So far I've seen Julia prepare potatoes 4 ways (dauphinoise, shredded potato pancakes, casserole with sausage and mashed potato pancakes) and I would make any one. Judging from the way Zach cheered every time Julia said "I'll just put a touch of cream in" I don't think he would mind if we had potatoes for dinner every night this week. Julia does use a ridiculous amount of butter and cream in all of the recipes, but I bet the potatoes are amazing. I would like to try the potatoes dauphinoise and the potato sausage casserole, but knowing myself, will probably be cutting down on the fat a bit (Julia did say that you could use milk instead of cream for the potatoes dauphinoise).

Image is the cover art from the DVD set.

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