30 April 2008

Broccoli Frittata

Egg night, once again. I thought about making omlettes but was a bit bored by the idea and then though about a frittata. I could use all the ingredients I was planning to put in the omlettes but in a slightly different form. It had been a while since I had last tried to make a frittata (the last episode ending in a very burnt bottom and runny center) so this time I decided to use the cast iron skillet so it could go under the broiler to finish cooking (most of my pans have plastic handles and are a definite no go for the oven). For the frittata filling I decided to go with a combo that they serve at Kramer's, one of my favorite DC brunch spots.

I chopped up some broccoli and briefly steamed it (for about a minute), then sauteed some onion and Hungarian wax pepper (it's actually way less fancy than it sounds- it just the longish light green pepper that in my grocery store is about a third of the price of bell peppers). While that was cooking away, I microwaved some frozen corn kernels and beat 7 eggs in a bowl and stirred in about an ounce of cheddar cheese that Zach had kindly grated for me (I think he ate about the same amount while he was at it...) and a good measure of salt and pepper. I arranged the broccoli and corn over the onions and peppers in a even layer, then poured in the eggs. After a few minutes over low heat on the stove, I transferred the pan to the broiler and was sort of shocked when, 3 minutes later, I opened the door to find the frittata puffed and golden brown and was so amazed that it looked normal (as opposed to the mess of last time) that I took a picture of it right there before I even took it out of the broiler.

We had it piping hot for dinner, but it's also really good leftover or even at room temperature on a sandwich. The corn adds a bit of sweetness and the broccoli great color but you could mix it up and really add just about anything you have on hand- just cook the veggies about 70% through before you add in the egg mixture.


jj said...

Frittata's area always a nice change from an omelet but for me, too they can be a bit tricky sometimes! Quiche is good, too. Anyway, this dish you made looks scrumptious!

kittie said...

I adore frittata!

My mum recently got me a le creuset cast iron pan - it's one of my favourite kitchen items - and definitely the secret of my frittata success!

Jen said...

JJ-- I have been meaning to try to make a quiche for ages but I always seem to forget when it's actually time for dinner...

Kittie- What a great gift. My mum gave me mine too but it's a fake Le Creuset that she got in the 1980's-it still works perfectly though and I love the orange color.