05 April 2008

At Last

You might remember that back in February I attempted to get cupcakes from a shop that had just opened in Georgetown.  It was sold out that day and every subsequent time I walked by their was a sign on the door that said "Sold Out: Reopening at 5" or "Closed for Private Event Today".  I had pretty much given up hope on ever getting a cupcake as their business model seemed to be "create high demand by artificially restricting supply and creating hype."  Yesterday, as I was down on M St. to drop something off for work, I decided to walk by but without much hope of success. 

As I turned onto Potomac St., I saw a line of people snaking out of the shop. I was rather amazed and, as I had no desire to get back to my desk, decided to join the queue. After a few minutes, someone from the shop came out and told us, "Well- we think we have enough cupcakes for you all, but if anyone else comes, tell them we're sold out." Making the customers do the dirty work-- not a good sign.

Finally I made it into the shop and could see the flavors listed on the board; coconut, several varieties of chocolate and lemon blossom. Sadly, when the man in front of me was ordering, a staff member came out of the back and said "We're all out of lemon blossom" so chocolate coconut, coconut and chocolate hazelnut it was for me. 

We had dinner at a friend's house and I brought the cupcakes for dessert. They were good, but not amazing. The tiny pieces of candied hazlenut that topped my chocolate cupcake and were held on by a thin layer of chocolate ganache was the best part. The crunch of the hazlenuts gave the cupcake great texture (I think I will be stealing this idea in the future) and the ganache itself had a good chocolate flavor but wasn't overwhelming in quantity. The cupcakes themselves tasted just like Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker box mix. I don't say this as a bad thing in and of itself- box mixes are generally pretty tasty, but if I'm paying $2.75 a cupcake, I want something I can't make at home for 1/10th of the price.

Georgetown Cupcake
M and Potomac, just across from Dean & Deluca's


SaraLynn said...

They look yummy! But I am with you, if I pay 2.75, they should do jumping jacks or something :)

Kate said...

I had a feeling this place wasn't all that great! Although I do love a good old boxed cupcake now and then, it's certainly not worth $2.75!
The Heath actually ended up melting down, so all it provided was some taste, but no crunch, which I was a bit disappointed with, but what can you do!
And I forgot to get back to you before, sorry! The cookie scooper is just like a mini ice cream scope, and it works really great! I got it for around $2 at Michaels!