15 February 2008


Yesterday a new cupcake bakery opened in Georgetown. Creatively named 'Georgetown Cupcakes', my co-workers and I had been looking forward to it for a week (which was how long we knew it would be opening). We made plans for an office field trip and decided 1 o'clock would be a good time to go; after lunch, so hopefully we wouldn't be tempted to eat too many cupcakes. Then, at 12:55 my co-worker S--- got a call from one of her friends. He was at the bakery and there was a "Sold Out of Cupcakes: Reopening at 5:00" sign on the door.

We were distraught. Not in the least because we had all promised at least one person a cupcake (or in S---'s case, about 5 people...). Something had to be done so we walked down to Baked and Wired. I had never gotten cupcakes there before since I think the price ($3.50 each) is sort of extortionate but, with it being Valentine's Day and all I decided to splurge and buy Zach and I a cupcake each.

Mine was the chocolate one and I got a coconut one for Zach. The cake itself was a rather normal cupcake size and slightly on the dry side (I think that they had been refrigerated at one point) but it seemed as thought the cake was merely a vehicle for the icing. The chocolate was so rich and chocolaty that I ended up taking half of it off. Zach, on the other hand, managed to eat all of his pink buttercream with soft coconut on top.

Baked and Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW

Georgetown Cupcake (very cute website)
M and Potomac, just across from Dean & Deluca's


kat said...

oh there is nothing more frustrating than a cupcake bakery sold out of cupcakes!

Jen said...

Hi Kat--

My coworker actually went back at 5pm to see if the shop had restocked and managed to get a few cupcakes- they even gave her a coupon for 4 free cupcakes in the future since they were having so many problems...

Kate said...

Hey Jen,
I'm a fellow new Daring Baker who was just checking out your blog and realized that we aren't too far from one another. I've been wanting to head into Georgetown to try out the new cupcake shop, and I'm wondering if you've gotten to try them yet? And if so are they worth the trip?
Good luck with this months challenge!

Jen said...

Hi Kate--

I'm really pleased to meet another Daring Baker. I haven't gotten to try a Georgetown Cupcake (they are still having some problems keeping the shop stocked) but I have a cupcake date tomorrow and will hopefully get one and I'll let you know how they are.


Jen said...

Update for Kate-

Well the update is that there is no update. Georgetown Cupcake is closed today. It's getting a little annoying as they've been open almost a month and still run out of cupcakes nearly every day and close with no warning. If you do want to come in to try one, I recommend calling first to make sure they're open, and then getting there before the lunchtime rush. Let me know if you do try and have any luck-