01 February 2008

Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week developed in DC to help restaurants fill their tables during the August congressional recess and has since evolved into a twice yearly event where for $20.08 for lunch or $30.08 for dinner (the cent value changes with the year that we are in) you can enjoy a three course meal at many area restaurants.

I haven't been overly impressed with my choices for restaurant week in the past considering that dinner for two people, with tax and tip ends up being around $80 but this year things were different. I looked for a restaurant that I knew we could never normally afford and that I'd read some good reviews of and ended up with the choice of Farrah Olivia in Old Town. Some of you might have heard of its chef, Morou Ouattara, as he was a competitor on the FoodNetwork program- The Next Iron Chef, but that it another story.

My story is of dinner in a little square dining room with big windows on both sides. Of a goat cheese terrine with red pepper sauce as an amuse bouche and deconstructed sushi with soy soy pearls for starters. Of the most delicious, smoky porkchop served on creamy lentils and carrots and of a rich dense brownie with marshmallow topping alongside a quenelle of beetroot ice cream. Of tiny jam thumbprints and little raspberry jellies that you are really to full to eat but have to just try anyway. Of food that makes you laugh as you realize that the couscous is really tiny bits of fried yucca and grits can be the vest thing you have ever eaten.

Even the final bill couldn't spoil the happy ending to this tale.

P.S. The presentation was the best I have ever seen in my life. As I cannot figure out how to get the pictures off my phone, I'll have to give you a link to the restaurant's website instead. Take a look at their gallery- you will be amazed.

Farrah Olivia
600 Franklin St.
Alexandria, VA 22134


Neen said...

Oh my gosh, we went to Farrah Oliva during restaurant week too, and it was by far the best restaurant that we went to that week! I used to live in West Africa, and I loved how some of their dishes had just the slightest reference to that cuisine and those tastes, which you NEVER find outside immigrant communities. I'm so glad you liked it too!

Jen said...

Hi Neen--

Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about the beetroot ice cream I ate that night...

Where else did you all go for restaurant week? Any recommendations for next time?