09 February 2008

Great Cooks Blogroll

There are so many great blogs out there-- sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find ones that talk about things that you are actually interested in... that's where the Great Cooks Blogroll comes in.  It's a blogroll all about cooking and food (obviously) that helps likeminded foodies find each other.  Check on some of the blogs listed on the sidebar, or add your blog to the roll-


Jill@SimpleDailyRecipes.com said...

Thank you, Jen!

I'm so glad you joined Great Cooks - your blog is DEElicious!

LisaRene said...

Blogging is such fun and there can never be too many new blogs to explore. It's nice to seek out like minded cooks and share our recipes. My primary motivation for starting a blog is that none of my family or friends cook so I had no one to share my hobby with. Clearly that has been rectified by blogging!

Jen said...

Hi Jill and Lisarene,

Thanks for stopping by-- I really appreciate it.


P.S. Lisarene- I like the photography on your site...