20 August 2008

Peaches and Cream 'Sickles

I'm not quite sure how this idea started, but one day I decided I really wanted an ice-cream maker. Not one of those little electric models either, but an old-fashioned, hand-crank, salt and ice contraption. I know this is not at all practical considering we have a tiny apartment and no outside space, but I kept the dream alive for a few weeks thinking of all the different kinds of ice-creams I could make. Then reality set in and I realized it would be sort of ridiculous to get a massive ice-cream maker but I couldn't let go of the idea entirely. I remembered that my mum used to freeze Juicy Juice in popsicle shaped molds for us and it seemed like the perfect solution. I would get to make frozen treats, but wouldn't need to find room to store a machine and/or buy rock salt and ice.

When we were in New Jersey we went to a big box store and I searched for the popsicle molds but they didn't have them. I was a bit disheartened as it was the kind of place that sells everything and I began to worry that popsicle molds were a relic of the 1980's and no longer in production. I came back to DC with my frozen treat dream slowly dying. Then one day at work a box came (for me!) with a return address of Tupperware, Inc. I had no idea what it could be; imagine my surprise as I opened it- first I saw the tiny sticks with the outline of Mickey on one end, then the little red tray with the slight depressions, then it hit me- popsickle molds!

My dad had remembered me talking about the popsicles and stopped by the Tupperware lady at the State Fare to see if she sold them. She didn't have any in stock but said she could order them and that this year the only ones in production had Mickey Mouse handles. So, he ordered them and they came to my work and I immediately started searching for popsickle recipes as I knew I had to use my new molds that very day. Dissapointingly, the only recipes that came up involved Kool-aid, Jello or both, which doesn't exactly float my popsickle stick. At home, I decided to use the three ripe peaches on the counter, along with a few tablespoons of heavy cream (I happened to have it on hand) for some extra creaminess and a spoonful of Shrubb, both for flavor and to try to prevent the pops from becoming total chunks of ice.

Everything went in the blender and came out a thick, smoothie like consistency. I then poured the mix into the molds and it was very nearly the perfect amount. Then began the fun part as it took me approximately 10 minutes to wrestle the lids onto the molds. Lesson learned- slightly underfill the molds or else the popsickle mixture will come out the sides and top when you try to put the lids on. I was so anxious to try my new creations that I could hardly wait for them to freeze but then the beach intervened and I had to wait 3 days. I took two molds out of the freezer, ran then under hot water for a few seconds and out popped my first popsickles. They were are beautiful soft orange color, with flecks of red from the peach skins and they tasted of fresh peaches with just a hint of creamy background. All in all, a good first attempt but more will soon follow.

Peaches and Cream 'Sickles

Makes 6 popsickles
(you could also freeze these in dixie cups)

3 small ripe peaches
3 T. heavy cream
1 T. orange liquor (optional)
sugar to taste

- Add first three ingredients to blender and puree. Add sugar to taste (things always taste less sweet when ice cold so you may want to add a little extra). Pour into popsickle molds and freeze until solid.


kat said...

My mom used to make them for us as kids too & I loved them. Yours sound delish

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Oh yeah! I remember those! That is so sweet that your dad ordered them for you! :) Dream a little dream...