19 August 2008

Purple Basil

Through our CSA, I've been introduced to many vegetables that I've never cooked, tried and occasionally heard off. Some, like eggplant, took a bit of getting used to but other such as summer squash have quickly become staples. Last week, we got this beautiful purple basil with the pickup. I had never heard of purple basil before, and a quick online search led me to some brief facts. Purple basil is just another form of common basil, often cultivated for color instead of flavor. It can be used interchangeably with its green cousin, though often has a milder flavor. Though I just used it with some pasta, it would make a lovely and slightly shocking pesto (I would really like to serve bowls of purple pesto pasta and see the reaction on peoples' faces- would they think it was basil? accuse me of serving pasta with borscht sauce?). I have to confess that I didn't do anything terribly exciting with it, although it did brighten up the kitchen for a little while.

P.S. That's a spring of oregano in with the basil.

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kat said...

I wanted to plant some in my garden this year but everyone was sold out of it. I love the idea of purple pesto!