13 March 2008


I thought it might be interesting to to talk about some of my favorite kitchen tools- the things that make life in the kitchen so much more pleasant, like this juicer. For the longest time I didn't have any kind of juicing implement in the kitchen and I would either just squeeze the lemon (it usually ends up being a lemon, doesn't it?) with my hands and hope that I didn't have any hidden papercuts, or in a strange technique taught to me by C--, cut a lemon in half and then bite down on the peel to juice it. I thought the latter method was a bit weird and personally don't like ending up with a mouth full of lemon zest, but a lot of my friends seem to think it's fun.

I can't quite remember when this juicer came into my life, I just remember finding it in a box one day and thinking- 'thank goodness'. It had been my grandma's and was probably made sometime between 1950-1970. It's quite small and can sit on top of a glass or small bowl courtesy of the little lip opposite the handle. The built in strainer takes care of the seeds and the juice pours right into whatever it is you're making. Definitely a bit more refined than my previous options...

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