07 March 2008


I don't usually make sandwiches for lunch. I ate one every day for the first year I was working after college and then one day I woke up and was so totally and completely tired of them, I'm not sure that I've packed one since. I can't say that I'm really ready to embrace the sandwich as my lunch food of choice, but given the leftovers we had this week, it seemed like something I couldn't pass up. I took the day old French bread and split it in half, then put a bit of olive oil and Dijon mustard on both sides (Zach's sandwich got butter-- it's a Midwestern thing that I have never really understood). Then I added spinach and left over roasted lemon chicken, sprinkled on a bit of salt and pepper and topped with some sliced apples (that I had rubbed on my morning grapefruit, so they wouldn't get discolored). Some cheddar or Havarti cheese wouldn't have been out of place, but it was early and I really couldn't think that much. When I unwrapped the sandwich at lunch I found that it had travelled very well and was rather tasty- the apple gave it a nice crunch as some unexpected sweetness. I don't think it has converted me back to sandwichdom but it was a nice change.

P.S. This shot makes my kitchen look rather messy- I wish I could just say that it's the angle or something but I don't think that would exactly be the truth...

*It means 'lunch box' or 'lunch pack' in Danish and is pronounced 'mel-pak-uh', I just think it's a nice word.

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