27 June 2008

Lettuce Wraps

I realize that I have been sadly neglecting the blog lately. The truth is, I haven't been cooking much lately. Class three nights a week just sort of kills it and we're usually out on the weekends. I did manage to make these lettuce wraps a few weeks ago and have really *meant to post about them, but they got pushed to the wayside. They really do deserve better than this though, as they were both super-delicious and helped me get over my fear of ground chicken.

Yes, it is true, I had been afraid to use ground chicken. I had a bad incident a few years ago with ground turkey (it gave off a rather putrid smell when cooking and none of us could bring ourselves to eat the lasagna it ended up in) and I assumed ground chicken with do the same thing. I really wanted to make lettuce wraps with the beautiful lettuce leaves that came in the week's CSA veg, but every recipe I came across called for ground chicken. After much hesitation, I decided to take the plunge, fully believing that things would not turn out.

I was skeptical as I cooked the ground chicken meat and when it turned a pale white and didn't brown I thought to myself, "I knew this wouldn't work" but decided to continue with the recipe anyway. I was shocked, really completely shocked when not only did I not hate the finished product but actually liked it. I liked it so much in fact, that I got really mad at Zach when he 'accidentally' ate the entire quantity of leftovers (over half a pound of chicken-- how he though that it was one portion I will never know).

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