28 June 2008

What I Have Been Eating

Since I haven't been cooking much, you may be wondering what I have been eating. [Reality check here- I know you have, oh, say three million more interesting things to think about than my lunch, but do bear with me]. On days when I have class the only meal I eat at home is breakfast so I need to pack everything else I'm going to eat that day and this is what I had one day last week:

Two slices of homemade wheat bread.
Some deli sliced turkey with havarti cheese
Greens salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries and calendula
A granola bar for a snack
Shredded Wheat for dinner

Plus I always keep a container of Greek yogurt in the fridge at work and bring in a bag of some kind of crunchy snack on Mondays to last though the week (this week it's Cannonballs

I know it can be tough to pack interesting and healthy things for lunch so I am always looking for inspirations. What do you pack for lunch?

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